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This is a community blog for the Seven-Day Roguelike (7DRL) Challenge. Here you can share your plans, updates on progress (or lack of progress), helpful algorithms, screenshots of your game, and other 7DRL-related content!

Some years ago, we used to have this under, which is now long gone.

Unlike other jams, the 7DRL challenge is meant to have a stronger social aspect which is worth diving into again; it’s not just about the end result but also observing the creative process and the struggles of the developers.

Nowadays (2021) there are several venues for this including the roguelikedev subreddit, twitter hashtags, roguetemple forums, the devlogs and forums, but what is missing is a unified feed where you can get an overview of the event as it unfolds.

Of course, participating in this is absolutely optional, and depending on the spirit (and available time) you have for the challenge, you may rightfully decide to focus on the development instead of investing time in updating a devlog. I personally find it useful and fun!

Also, a single screenshot and a text blurb may be enough, so don’t feel like you have to write detailed posts (unless you want to!).

If you want to join please DM me on twitter @roguetemple with your email, or just send me an email ( and I’ll set you up. 🙂

Also, I know this looks pretty bare, but if enough people dive into it I’ll give it some love and put it as a subdomain under


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