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Rainy Day – Day 4

I spent some good time thinking on “Innovation”: What was going to set this entry apart from others and bring something new (even if tiny) to the genre? so far it was heading to just being a traditional roguelike with a fancy monochrome display (which is probably hardly an innovation as that’s how these games were played in the early ’80s).

Reading a bit on it, I remembered one way to see it is by creating something by mixing different ideas. Just what I did (with half-baked implementations) for my first 7DRLs I guess.

At first, I thought I could create a roguelike with strong western RPG elements, like, taking ADOM and stretching it to an Ultima VI level of (hand-made) character and quests design, with its own lore and towns with a unique flavor. I played a bit of Jeff Lait’s Malachite Dreams, which I always had on my mind was like an Ultima RPG at least for the exploration aspects, and found it a bit empty so plenty of possibilities to extend on the idea. Luckily, that threw a preemptive OverAmbitiousScope Exception, especially with just 3 days of dev left, so I discarded the idea.

Then I wondered, what games have I been playing lately that I could use as a source of inspiration? luckily, my list is short with just two games I played seriously in 2020: Horizon Chase and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Then I remembered I actually had the idea for 2020’s challenge to create a game based on the upcoming remake, thinking about riding the wave of increased attention. (Actually, in 2020 there was an entry based on FF7).

Seeing how it was compatible with what I had so far, I decided to go with it.

But enough talk, here’s a list of things I did in Day 4. Have at you!

  • Added enemies, including adding them to the level generator which implied refactoring it so that it received the metadata for the enemies to include.
  • Added simple AI for the enemies. This required refactoring JSRL so that the player has a “Being” which is actually part of the level and represents his character into the game. I leveraged a lot of code from OpenArthurianX6 (simplified since there are no animations).
  • Added an initial version of melee combat.

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