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Rainy Day – Day 5

One first concern was how to make combat more interesting. While I still got to add ranged combat, I thought I could spice up melee combat a bit by adding some of the skills from Rodney (inherited from DrashRL and also permeated the design of some of the classes of Ananias). I added the Slash and Backslash skills (pass thru the enemies to damage them), and am still debating which others to include, and tie them to the player’s progression.

Also, a small detail that may greatly improve the player’s experience, I made it so the walls and stairs of the level will be remembered. This is especially helpful when you are on your way back to the surface.

In order to have a winnable game and a more complete structure, I placed the four Willemite reactors and the flow to destroy them by placing an explosive at their core and returning to the surface. I also changed how the maps are populated, to spread some enemies and include a boss party at the end of each one.

Finally, worked in level metadata and enemies definitions, lots of spreadsheet work.


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