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2 Days In

I’m taking this week off work. Not primarily for 7DRL, I was going to have this time off no matter what, but it’s something fun for me to be doing without being reminded of my (current?) physical limitations. It may seem a little crazy to be doing software development as a relaxing break from software development, but the difference in goals, audience and environment between hacking stuff together for a game jam and working for The Man in Big Corporate (if you know me IRL, you know exactly who The Man and who the Big Corporate are, and if you don’t, let’s just say they’re pretty bloody big) with all the bureaucracy and restrictions and requirements that entails. I’m doing what I want, and what I’m creating will be either appreciated or critiqued or ignored, rather than falling into a black hole of feedbackless use the way my for-pay development does.

As for how it’s going, lets just say that I’ve revised my chances of creating something playable by the end of the week down to 20%, and the chance of it being any good to 0%. But it’s 100% a learning experience.


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