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Rainy Day – Day 3

Following the idea of not having a clear plan and instead just having fun, I continued exploring what I wanted to do with the game.

I decided to integrate and adapt the Stygian Abyss level generator (tweaking it for the fixed screen 80×22 levels and the monochrome visuals of the game). Funnily, one of the big things I missed from our Stygian Abyss 2015 7DRL entry was an auto-map or better means to prevent people from getting lost; the combination of the overhead view and the fixed levels seems to work great for that (perhaps centering a game around the notion of how easy it is to get lost isn’t that much of a good idea after all).

Another thing I decided to do was adding a hand-crafted overworld, linking the main dungeon and 2 caves. I initially did it as a I considered integrating part of the random plot generator from Heroes of Noresskia (my not-very-exciting entry for 2019’s challenge). I’m still considering it but for now I think it wouldn’t add much. Of course, I also grabbed inspiration from classic ADoM’s Drakalor Chain (but it’s a valley, similar to my hometown’s).

Right now there are two big things I need to define: first off is the theme, including the bestiary. I don’t think I will be able to come up with a full roster of unique interesting races so I’ll probably just grab the one from Ananias. That brings the second point: the differentiating features of the game which I still don’t have a clear idea about… maybe it won’t be combat focused so the question of the bestiary would be less important.


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